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Zhuhai Henkel Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. originated from the mainland military industry and moved to Zhuhai Special Zone in 1999. It is a company specializing in gear machinery products, integrating development, production, marketing and service. The 311 planetary gear reducer successfully developed and produced is specially designed for the twin-shaft concrete mixer. The development of this product has successfully changed the situation that such reducers are completely dependent on imports. The quality and price are very competitive in the market. Enter the market and win the praise and trust of users. (For example, Shanghai Huajian is running well.) The company has a number of technical backbones engaged in gear professional for many years, and follows the corporate policy of “high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency”. In the near future, it will continuously develop a series of concrete mixing equipment industry deceleration. Machines and their accessories (such as screw reducer special reducer, etc.), enthusiasm for the majority of new and old customers. Models of HK310R2, HK311R2, HK313R2 reducer and accessories for the 2m3, 3m3 and 4m3 mixers are available, and the HK2000 screw conveyor reducer with Φ219mm diameter is available. Among them, HK311R2 and HK2000 are available from stock.



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